BGM Spaco SI M5 x 0.50 Fuel Mixture Screw 0.65mm Tip

BGM Spaco M5 x 0.50mm slow running fuel mixture adjuster screw with 0.65mm tip for Spaco SI carburettors. This adjuster screw is the same style as the Dellorto SI adjuster screws and is ideal when replacing a Dellorto SI carburettor with a Spaco SI carburettor on non electric start scooters.

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Special Notes
Not suitable for Dellorto SI carburettors which use a M5 x 0.75mm slow running fuel mixture adjuster screw.
Fitting Applications
Vespa PX125EFL 1987-1998*
Vespa PX125 Disc 1998-1999
Vespa PX125 (Euro 1) 1999-2001
Vespa PX125 MY01 2001-2004
Vespa PX125 (Euro 2) 2004-2007
Vespa PX125 (Euro 3) 2011
Vespa PX125 (Euro 3) 2011-2016
Vespa T5 Classic 1992-1999*
Vespa T5 Millenium 1999*
Vespa PX150EFL 1987-1998*
Vespa PX150 Disc 1998-1999
Vespa PX150 (Euro 1) 1999-2001
Vespa PX150 MY01 2001-2004
Vespa PX150 (Euro 2) 2004-2007
Vespa PX150 (Euro 3) 2011
Vespa PX150 (Euro 3) 2011-2016
Vespa PX200EFL 1987-1994*
Vespa PX200EFL Elestart 1994-1998*
Vespa PX200 Disc 1998-2001
Vespa PX200 MY01 2001-2003
Dellorto SI series carburettors*
*Only Dellorto SI series carburettors made under licence by Spaco carburettors in India