Dellorto SI M5 x 0.75mm Fuel Mixture Screw 0.65mm Tip

Genuine Dellorto M5 x 0.75mm slow running fuel mixture adjuster screw with a 0.65mm tip for Dellorto SI20/20D carburettors fitted to Vespa P125X, P150X, PX150E and PX150EFL scooters.

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Special Notes
Not suitable for Spaco SI carburettors which use a M5 x 0.50mm slow running fuel mixture adjuster screw.
Fitting Applications
Vespa P125X 1977-1982
Vespa P150X 1978-1981
Vespa PX150E 1981-1985
Vespa PX150EFL 1983-1984
Dellorto SI20/20D carburettors*
* Only genuine Dellorto SI20/20D carburettors made in Italy