Front Rubber Silent Block

Front Rubber Silent Block

CiF rubber silent block


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Special Notes
For both sides on Vespa PX 200cc engine casings (2 required).
For left hand side only on Vespa T5 engine casings.
Vespa T5 1985-1992 (Left hand side only)
Vespa T5 Classic 1992-1999 (Left hand side only)
Vespa T5 Millenium 1999 (Left hand side only)
Vespa P200E 1977-1982
Vespa PX200E 1982-1986
Vespa PX200EFL 1983-1984
Vespa PX200EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX200EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX200EFL 1987-1994
Vespa PX200EFL Elestart 1994-1998
Vespa PX200 Disc 1998-2001
Vespa PX200 MY01 2001-2003

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