M16 x 1.25mm Driveshaft

M16 x 1.25mm Driveshaft
 M16 x 1.25mm DriveshaftM16 x 1.25mm Driveshaft 

CiF M16 x 1.25mm driveshaft. Suitable for all engines from 1984 onwards using either the 30mm x 47mm x 6mm external rear hub oil seal or 27mm x 42mm x 10mm internal driveshaft oil seal.

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Vespa PX125EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX125EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX125EFL 1987-1998
Vespa PX125 Disc 1998-1999
Vespa PX125 (Euro 1) 1999-2001
Vespa PX125 MY01 2001-2004
Vespa PX125 (Euro 2) 2004-2007
Vespa PX125 (Euro 3) 2011
Vespa PX125 (Euro 3) 2011-2016
Vespa T5 1985-1992
Vespa T5 Classic 1992-1999
Vespa T5 Millenium 1999
Vespa PX150EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX150EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX150EFL 1987-1998
Vespa PX150 Disc 1998-1999
Vespa PX150 (Euro 1) 1999-2001
Vespa PX150 MY01 2001-2004
Vespa PX150 (Euro 2) 2004-2007
Vespa PX150 (Euro 3) 2011
Vespa PX150 (Euro 3) 2011-2016
Vespa PX200EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX200EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX200EFL 1987-1994
Vespa PX200EFL Elestart 1994-1998
Vespa PX200 Disc 1998-2001
Vespa PX200 MY01 2001-2003

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