M7 x 140mm Cylinder Stud PX125

M7  x 140mm Cylinder Stud PX125

CiF M7 x 1.0mm x 140mm long cylinder stud for Vespa PX125 and PX150.


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2 in stock

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Cylinder Head Torque : 13-18Nm (10-13 lb/ft)*
*Torque settings are for the original Vespa P125X, PX125, P150X and PX150 cylinder, performance cylinders may be different.
Special Notes
The CiF cylinder stud has thread locking adhesive on the bottom threads (engine casing side), the threads on the engine casing must be cleaned and oil free for the adhesive to work. The thread length is 28mm, only 15mm should be inserted in to the engine casing.