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Malossi 166cc Mk III 2016 Performance Cylinder Kit


The Malossi 166cc cast iron 7 transfer port cylinder was revised in 2013 with improved transfer ports for more torque at low RPM. 2015 saw a revised aluminium cylinder head with improvements to the combustion chamber, conversion to long reach spark plug and perfect cylinder to cylinder head alignment using locating dowels. The 2016 Mk III cylinder kit has further improved the cylinder head with curved outer top cooling fins and additional fins on the under side off the cylinder head for improved heat dissipation. The cylinder head O ring allows for better heat transfer between cylinder and cylinder head than the previous copper gasket.

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Running In Period : 500 Miles
Spark Plug : NGK B8ES
Ignition Timing : 18 Degrees BTDC
Cylinder Head Torque : 14Nm (11 lb/ft)
Special Notes
The piston rings are semi trapezoidal which are tapered one side. The tapered side faces upwards towards the piston crown.
The cylinder kit gasket set comes with a copper head gasket, this is not needed.
The cylinder head squish clearance should be a minimum of 1.2mm.
The cylinder kit uses a long reach spark plug.
Ideally the transfer ports on the engine casing should be matched to the Malossi cylinder, however this kit can be run without matching.
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