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Newfren PX125 and PX150 Clutch Plate Kit

Newfren PX125 and PX150 Clutch Plate Kit
 Newfren PX125 and PX150 Clutch Plate KitNewfren PX125 and PX150 Clutch Plate Kit 

Newfren clutch plate kit containing 3 friction plates and 2 steel plates for Vespa P125X, PX125E, P150X and PX150E models fitted with a 6 spring clutch. 


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4 in stock

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Clutch Nut Torque : 40-45Nm (30-33 lb/ft)
Special Notes
The friction plate cork needs to be covered in gearbox oil prior to fitting. Ideally they should be soaked in gearbox oil for a minimum of 2 hours.
Vespa P125X 1977-1982
Vespa PX125E 1981-1984
Vespa PX125EFL 1983-1984
Vespa PX125EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX125EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX125EFL 1987-1998
Vespa P150X 1978-1981
Vespa PX150E 1981-1985
Vespa PX150EFL 1983-1984
Vespa PX150EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX150EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX150EFL 1987-1998