Parmakit 177cc TSV ECV Cylinder Head

Parmakit 177cc TSV ECV Cylinder Head
 Parmakit 177cc TSV ECV Cylinder HeadParmakit 177cc TSV ECV Cylinder Head 

Parmakit 177cc 57mm stroke TSV ECV self centring cast aluminium cylinder head with side (standard position) spark plug.

This cylinder head can be fitted to any Parmakit TSV 177cc cylinder kits using a 57mm crankshaft.


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1 in stock

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Spark Plug : NGK BR9ES
Ignition Timing : 18 Degrees BTDC
Cylinder Head Torque : 13Nm (10 lb/ft)
Special Notes
The cylinder head squish clearance should be 1.2mm - 1.3mm.
The cylinder kit uses a long reach spark plug.
Parmakit 177cc TSV ECV Classic Cylinder Kit