ParmaKit 177cc TSV Red Devil Cylinder Kit

The ParmaKit 177cc TSV Red Devil aluminium cylinder kit has 5 transfer ports with a bridged exhaust port. A two piece self centring machined billet aluminium cylinder head and skull cap and a twin ring Vertex molybdenum sulfide coated piston. The cylinder comes with a bolt on steel exhaust stub and gasket. The kit is supplied with an exhaust stub gasket, 3 x (1 x 0.15mm, 1 x 0.25mm and 1 x 0.50mm) paper base gaskets and 2 x copper head gaskets to get the correct cylinder head squish with the option of lowering or raising the exhaust and transfer port timing.

The port layout is slightly larger than the original gasket face on the flywheel side casing, so the engine casing will need modifying to extend the gasket face by use of an aluminium epoxy or welding.

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Running In Period : 200 Miles
Spark Plug : NGK BR9ES
Ignition Timing : 18 Degrees BTDC
Cylinder Head Torque : 13Nm (10 lb/ft)
Special Notes
The cylinder head squish clearance should be 1.2mm - 1.3mm.
The cylinder kit uses a long reach spark plug.
The transfer ports on the engine casing should be matched to the cylinder.