Parmakit Electronic Ignition with 2.2Kg Yellow Flywheel

Parmakit elecronic ignition system with up to 8 degrees of ignition retard and 2.2Kg yellow flywheel. Original Vespa PX Ducati ignitions run a straight line ignition advance which remains static throughout the engine rev range loosing power and torque from the engine at lower rpm's which run better with more ignition advance. Likewise the Kokusan ignition systems on later Vespa PX models retards off heavily to prevent the engine revving over 7500rpm to keep within exhaust emission regulations for Euro 3. Although full 8 degree of retard is after 10000rpm which even tuned engines are unlikely to hit, your engine will benefit from a continuously retarding ignition the higher the engine rev's, reducing the risk of detonation even on those days that your engine performs better than usual or when trying new parts.

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Flywheel Nut Torque : 60-65Nm (44-48 lb/ft)
Special Notes
This kit is not plug and play. It requires a small amount of cutting wires to size, crimping wire terminals and setting ignition timing.
The Parmakit ignition sparks twice per revolution, 180° to each other. When setting the timing it may useful to set up two timing marks to strobe at 180° from each other. Some strobe guns can only pick up the stronger spark unless a very low rpm.
Use the ignition map (pictue 2) as a guide for setting your timing. i.e. If you know your engine is safe on a straight line ignition at 17° BTDC and your max rpm is 8500rpm then the Parmakit ignition can be set to 24.5° BTDC and then checked to make sure no detonation is happening at maximum rpm.
A locking washer must be used under the flywheel nut.
Actual flywheel weight with fan is 2.380Kg.
Vespa P125X 1977-1982
Vespa PX125E 1981-1984
Vespa PX125EFL 1983-1984
Vespa PX125EFL 1984-1985
Vespa PX125EFL 1985-1987
Vespa PX125EFL 1987-1998
Vespa PX125 Disc 1998-1999
Vespa PX125 (Euro 1) 1999-2001
Vespa PX125 MY01 2001-2004
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Vespa PX150 Disc 1998-1999
Vespa PX150 (Euro 1) 1999-2001
Vespa PX150 MY01 2001-2004
Vespa PX150 (Euro 2) 2004-2007
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Parmakit Flywheel Holding Tool

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