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Polini PHBH Inlet Manifold Kit

Polini PHBH Inlet Manifold Kit
 Polini PHBH Inlet Manifold KitPolini PHBH Inlet Manifold Kit 

Polini inlet manifold with rubber connector, hose clips and gasket for fitting Dellorto PHBH series carburettors to premix engines.

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Manifold Securing Nut/Bolt Torque : 16-20Nm (12-15 lb/ft)
Special Notes
Autolube must be removed to fit this manifold.
The manifold is fitted using the original carburettor fasteners.
The engine casing inlet should be matched to the manifold.
The manifold can be fitted to autolube engines, however the hole left in the casing after the autolube pump has been removed must be covered or plugged to prevent debris entering the gearbox.
Vespa P125X 1977-1982
Vespa PX125E 1981-1984*
Vespa PX125EFL 1983-1984*
Vespa PX125EFL 1984-1985*
Vespa PX125EFL 1985-1987*
Vespa PX125EFL 1987-1998*
Vespa PX125 Disc 1998-1999*
Vespa PX125 (Euro 1) 1999-2001*
Vespa PX125 MY01 2001-2004*
Vespa PX125 (Euro 2) 2004-2007*
Vespa PX125 (Euro 3) 2011*
Vespa PX125 (Euro 3) 2011-2016*
Vespa T5 1985-1992*
Vespa T5 Classic 1992-1999*
Vespa T5 Millenium 1999*
Vespa P150X 1978-1981
Vespa PX150E 1981-1985*
Vespa PX150EFL 1983-1984*
Vespa PX150EFL 1984-1985*
Vespa PX150EFL 1985-1987*
Vespa PX150EFL 1987-1998*
Vespa PX150 Disc 1998-1999*
Vespa PX150 (Euro 1) 1999-2001*
Vespa PX150 MY01 2001-2004*
Vespa PX150 (Euro 2) 2004-2007*
Vespa PX150 (Euro 3) 2011*
Vespa PX150 (Euro 3) 2011-2016*
Vespa P200E 1977-1982
Vespa PX200E 1982-1986*
Vespa PX200EFL 1983-1984*
Vespa PX200EFL 1984-1985*
Vespa PX200EFL 1985-1987*
Vespa PX200EFL 1987-1994*
Vespa PX200EFL Elestart 1994-1998*
Vespa PX200 Disc 1998-2001*
Vespa PX200 MY01 2001-2003*
* The hole in the engine casing left after removing the autolube pump must be covered or plugged.