Vapour Blasting


Vapour blasting or aqua blasting or wet blasting as it's also known is a non aggressive blasting for cleaning aluminium and non ferrous metals. Safe on gasket faces, plastics and rubber it is an ideal surface treatment for engine cases, carburettor, cylinders and cylinder heads etc. The high pressure water and glass bead mix gives a sealed satin finish which is more resistant to marking than the porous finish dry blasting gives and is the finishing touch to engine rebuilds and renovation projects. Although I specialise in Vespa scooters, I am more than happy to vapour blast any parts, be it scooter, motorcycle, automotive or industrial. Steel and ferrous metal parts can be vapour blasted but will need some kind of coating, painting or oiling to prevent rusting.

The above pictures show examples of what vapours blasting can do. The parts were taken from a Vespa T5 that had been unused and stored outside for a number of years. The before pictures show the parts after they have been degreased.


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